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July 11, 2012


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Premium Content Platform?

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2012, 1:44 AM


OK, this isn't a rant, but if you're gonna use this thing, be VERY careful. I personally think it's a bad idea, but this isn't my world. Yeah, this kinda system definitely works for music. But for visual arts though? Mehhhhhh....

It reminds me of this "Mr. Krystal" guy who, a while back, asked if he could pay me $20 for the high-res file of Adventures of the Lylat Wars by Robaato. That's how much I sold the prints for at that time! PUHLEEZE. I wanted to reply and say "Sure, for $20,000; and you can do whatever you like with it".

I just wouldn't upload a very high resolution piece of artwork to sell. That's just personally handing someone a paid invitation to come and throw it up on mediafire or piratebay. Or better yet: print it out and going to conventions to sell. That's the problem with digital art compared to original traditional art. You can't really sell it. Making an attempt to monetize digital work easier (other than digitally commissioned work which only goes to the client) is just kinda iffy, in my opinion... I guess its good for tutorials and stuff (I wouldn't charge for tutorials though, I would try to actually even teach paid online lessons at some point. But tutorials? Soon we're going to hit a period in time where giving things just to give would be a worn-out fad...)

Also: A lot of younger, fledgling artists may see this as a "golden opportunity" to make money. Be very careful, or you may run into a situation that may hurt your impression of art in the end.

Nothing wrong with making money, so please don't get me wrong here. It's just that this PCP (not the drug, but that's bad too!) can EASILY open up a bunch of cans of worms in the art community, considering what we already been fighting with (art theft and all).


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Oderaa Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Thanks for the advice Rob...def not a rant, but it helps to hear some opinions on this whole thing.....
Alpha621 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Student General Artist
This whole thing is a pretty stupid move dA made if you ask me...
Crista-Galli Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
The system might be good for things like brush presets, at first [definitely not high res prints for exactly your reasons] - but like you mentioned, it's very possible that even something like that could end up on third party sites like mediafire or piratebay.

Guess we'll all just have to see where this thing goes. ^^
tsukikage-ryu Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of good points in the comments here. While a lot of the discussions are largely negative (much of it rightly so), and most people don't seem like they'll use it, there's still an argument to be made in favor of the platform.

Is it a flawed system? Yes. Is it a bad idea to sell high res original work through it? Yes. Too many people are judging the platform on the basis that they must sell all their work through it, and that automatically makes it bad. A smart person will see it for what it is; just one more tool in the toolbox.

It'll never be the main means of distribution for any serious artist. It'll almost always be cheaper and more profitable to go elsewhere and sell, or to sell through your own website. It means more work to do it yourself, but that's the price of cutting out a middleman. Deviantart's biggest advantage is exposure, especially for artists who are well known here, but not on other sites or places like tumblr. For example, an artist can sell work on this platform at a higher price, while linking to their own website in a journal or the artist's comments, directing people to a personal website where said work is 10% cheaper.

As many have already stated, it's not a good replacement for commissions, or for standalone artwork. It is well suited to stock artists, designers, and I liked the suggestion about selling 3d models. Again, too many people arguing about what it's bad for, and very few people taking the time to figure out how to make it work for them. Calendars, comics, small artbooks. Is art theft and the potential for getting ripped off real? Always. It's unavoidable, and it's up to the artist to find the best way to mitigate loss of profits while still supplying a product to people who are willing to buy it.

In the end, the dA platform is just one more option available to us. It's not replacing the existing model for how people sell art online, and it's not exactly innovative. But it IS yet one more option available to us as artists, and the more choices and avenues we have to work with, the better the future is for artists striving to make a living. I advise everyone to do some research, look at the possibilities, and find a way to make this new tool work for you.
KhymerrahApplebi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank goodness!!! every one has said nothing but the negative and it drives me nuts!!! you don't have to use it!!! i just don't see why people are putting up in there journals things like "don't you dare us it" "this is stupid" (not that this person did that)"what is dA thinking" "there goes dA" i mean most of the people hadn't even tried it when they started to complain.. of course it's not for any serious artist! they have their own tools by now, but like you said, for the newbies and others just joining in the commission stages this is actually quite great for us!

i've used this system MANY times now and i actually love it quite a bit. the wait time is a tiny bit ridiculous, but compared to how no one was commissioning me before, i'd say this is a great turn around :3 it helps put me on the map so i can evolve and get more exposure while still getting the profits i deserve ^^

any who.. thank you for finding the time to talk about BOTH sides, you have no idea how much that made my day! >w<
NuclearConvoy Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
Interesting thoughts.
Dualmask Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
When I read about it, comments were disabled. It was probably because your opinion mirrors that of most sensible-minded digital artists. In the end, it's still all about dA's points and there are easier, more effective and more trustworthy ways to market your content for real money in other places online. But then again, maybe this isn't made for those of us who illustrate, and rather for those people who create resources like stock photos, how-to books/tutorials, 3D models and what not. More power to 'em.
Youko-MJ Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I didn't really pay much mind to it at all. (`-`) I mean, I looked it over, couldn't be bothered to read it all... probably for a good reason. XD I'm not gonna knock anyone who tries it. Heck, it might even get people exposed to a wider audience... but I'd rather just do regular commissions and get all the money I ask for up front.

nilaffle Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Yeah... my thoughts exactly. I like the idea of selling premium content, but I paused at the suggestion of selling hi-res files and PSDs (and frankly any new service dA offers prompts a side-eye from me). o__o That's pretty much giving my work away. For the type of work I do/offer right now, premium content won't benefit me. I'd like to maybe brainstorm ways to use this service *without* giving away my IPs cheaply, but so far I got nothin'.
life-take Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
the only thing i can see this kind of working for is stuff like wallpaper/customization packs and stock images or something. but that still doesn't stop people from sharing for free afterward. sure you have a license agreement the buyer needs to sign, but if you actually want to stop someone who's been sharing it you'd have to get lawyers involved and stuff?? which isn't fun
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